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  Vinyl horse fence on Pine Brook Farm Our horse fencing comes in 2 rail, 3 rail, or 4 rail horse fence systems.      

  Pine Brook Farm -21 years of using UltraGuard Vinyl Horse Fence and still counting.                   

     The rail locking system for our horse fence keeps the vinyl horse fencing secure.  

(Tan is 15% more in white and Khaki is 25% more than white)

Two rail sizes:  Standard 1.5" x 5.5" rails are .090 thickness and oversized  2" x 6" rails are .110 thickness. Post are .150 thickness.

Impact Resistance:  22.5 ft. lbs./in.   Tensile Strength: 6600 psi

 We ship extra long post so you don't have to put concrete in the holes. 


Our fence is covered by a Manufacture Lifetime warranty against fading, pealing, rotting, and any defects in workmanship. Our second Limited Warranty that we offer is a "courtesy" warranty. We will send you rails or posts that your horse breaks based on individual circumstances and is for the first year. This is done to help acquaint horses to the new fence system.
The rails and or posts will be free and you pay for the shipment. Usually we will send you two 8' rails in place of a 16'. We will ship UPS or FedEx, which is the best way to ship, both for less cost to you and no damage to material.  


 Pricing   ..... the more you buy the less the price. Give us a call. NOTICE: We ship 3-5 business days from the time your order is place, depending upon when your order is placed and where it will be shipped. 

As January 1, 2015 our prices had an increase of 7% . This is the first price increase in over 8 years even though raw materials of vinyl resin have increased 4 times during the last 8 years. So to continue to give you the best vinyl fence product, and made in the USA, you can get, this increase is necessary to our commitment in keeping our product the safest fence. Prices below are now current

Measure the number of feet you need and multiply  by the lineal foot price. Price includes all the rails, post, caps, and delivery is free for most orders.   Give us a call, or fax, or send us an e-mail for complete prices for your fencing needs. The prices below are for  the 1.5" x 5.5" rail  system which we use on our horse farm.  The available 2"x6" rail system is normally used for Stallion Pens and Round Pens. If you want the 2"x6" rails add $1.45 per foot to the 3rail prices and $1.95 to the 4rail price. below.                              

Since vinyl is made from petroleum and natural gas, it dictates vinyl prices.  Beware of other companies selling cheaper vinyl fence, selling you shorter post, cutting out customer service after you buy, or mixing other products with your order to sell at a lower price. Beware of the companies that advertise "guaranteed  lowest price on the web". Call them on a weekend a see what you get, then call me. We will continue to sell you the best vinyl horse fence and not cut any corners.  It always comes down to trusting the person you do business with.

Would like to see how easy it is to install? Call or e-mail me and I will fax, e-mail or mail you the 5 page Installation Guide. 

AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY, ND, SD and CA customers will have a little more added for shipping cost to their orders depending upon amount ordered. Call for details. All other States will have free shipping.

3 Rail System with 7.5' post    NEW PRICES   Standard Rails are 1.5" x 5.5"

( lineal foot means all rails, post, and caps needed for the length of fence you required )

168' to 370'       $7.30 per ft.                         3840' to 4600'       $5.40 per ft.

371' to 864 '      $6.36 per ft.                         4608' to 5368'       $5.25 per ft.

872' to 1528 '     $6.10 per ft.                         5376' to 6136'       $5.10 per ft.

1536' to 2296'    $5.90 per ft.                              6144 to 8000'        $4.95 per ft. ( this is truck load)

2304' to 3064'    $5.75 per ft.                              (2rail system is $1.00 less than 3rail)

3072' to 3832'    $5.60 per ft.                         4 Rail system with 8' post- add $1.15 to prices over 576' ( orders under 576' will be a total of $8.68 per ft.). If you want 2"x 6" rails add $1.95 for 4rail system - add $1.45 for 2"x 6" rails for 3rail system.   (Tan is 15% more than white and Khaki is 25% more than white)

 Gates-  All gates come fully assembled with black stainless steel hardware.

 3Rail Gate prices- 4' -316.50  6' - 337.75   8' - 348.50 12' ( double 6' ) 626.50 16' (double 8' ) 640.50  

 4Rail Gate prices   4' - 351.50    6' - 364.50     8'374.50    12' -( double 6' )   653.50    16'- (double 8' ) 675.50 


         Use our reinforcements for you horse fence gate post. These will give you a stronger gate for your horse fencung needs. Gates will need aluminum reinforcements ( $52.80 ea. 7.5' long for 3rail ,$56.50  8' long for 4rail) for inside gate post. You will not need concrete in the gate post anymore.

Think you might need  to put electric on your Vinyl Fence? If so, we have the solution for you. Easy Snap electric insulators is the answer. Click Here for the information page.

Key Benefits

bulletLifetime Warranty 
bulletEasy to install and virtually maintenance free
bulletSafest fence for your horses... plus many, many other benefits


When you are ready to order let me know (by email, fax or phone) the total footage, any gates, number of end, corner, and 3-way post you need. I will put this on an invoice and fax or email it to you. Send copy of invoice back with payment or fax or email signed invoice back and put check in mail. Order will be place when I receive faxed or emailed invoice and your order will be shipped out between 5 - 7  days depending upon the day your order is made and where you are located.


Our information form is being repaired on this page, please use email link. Thank You, Robert Biser

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